About us

International Engineers School was founded in June, 2012 in the situation of our government’s further expanding educational opening-up and carrying out all-round, multi-level and wide-field international exchange and cooperation, with the purpose to further increase the introduction of overseas intellectual and high-quality educational resources so as to meet the challenge of economic globalization.

The International Engineers School at present has two majors: Computer Science and Technology (falls into two fields – Financial Information and Computer Technology and Information and Digital Technology) and Vehicle Engineering (Automotive Electronics). Our School is currently jointly training the Computer Science and Technology (Financial Information and Computer Technology) majors with the French EFREI (French Electronic and Computer Information Engineering Institute), to produce talents mastering both finance and computer information technology for the financial world. And we are also jointly cultivating the Vehicle Engineering (Automotive Electronics) majors with the French Esigetel Engineers Institute to become engineers skilled in embedded technology in vehicles, aerospace and communications. We adopt the joint training mode with internationally well-known engineers institute to produce applied talents. Both parties of the joint training mode mutually recognize the other party’s credits. After graduation, students can obtain both our country’s diploma and degree and the correspondent diploma and degree granted by the joint training institute.

The French engineer education offers 5 courses: courses of science knowledge, courses of technology and methods, courses of expressing and communicating, courses of business management and courses of culture and technology. By jointly making corresponding talents training plans and teaching syllabus for two majors with French Electronic and Computer Information Engineering Institute, International Engineers School combines Chinese with western ways and learns from each other, to strengthen the training of applied talents.

To exhibit the new features of international schooling. International Engineers School adopts synchronous textbooks published in foreign countries for its main courses to suit the features of its students and courses. The credit hours and teaching plans for the main courses are basically synchronous to foreign courses. For some courses, both Chinese and foreign teachers give lectures bilingually. And foreign teachers are hired to give lectures for some other courses. At the same time, our school integrates the theoretical knowledge which students should grasp into typical projects to develop their knowledge widely and deeply. We also actively do some reform attempts of teaching methods in line with foreign education for short periods of times. At present, ten students of Grade 2012 have been at French Efrei for their junior study.